I had a great shoot today with a new face, Asha. Here are some unedited images from our simple and beautiful shoot downtown. Despite it being damn cold at times, we got a lot of great shots it was hard to narrow down images afterwards. Looking forward to posting these on the site here and on instagram. 


New Faces

It’s been great to have the opportunity to keep shooting. Also, meeting new faces like Valentina and Margaryta and Shully has been awesome! Please check my insta for updates, and check here for full size of some images. I’ve been struggling with editing and the colours are so subjective but it’s all good. I’m also still starting to find my own style and I’m sure it will all work out :-)


O Summer …

I tried to get as many shoots in as I could during the last few weeks in a frantic bid to grab summer before it’s gone. Along the way I’ve had some amazing experiences shooting with lots of friends. Lately I’ve met a great talent in Tamar and I’ve also shot new photos with Tanya, Monica and Natalie. I’m really looking forward to shooting with Mandy again before Fall comes with its own challenges and beauty.  

… unedited photos. 

Great shoot downtown

We had a great shoot downtown last Tuesday with Monica, Robyn and Natalie. I chose that location near Bayview and Front because of the colours, the way the light passes through the buildings and the mix of modern and classics elements that we were able to add to our shoot. It’s awesome to shoot with a group, especially these three! i’m looking forward to working with them again :-).  

… unedited photos. 

new face - Esther

We had a nice, laid back shoot with Esther this week. This Kenyan beauty has a chill vibe which made for a relaxing, fun shoot. All the best to this future actress/model. 

… unedited images.