It’s been a great winter so far haha! At least the crazy weather motivates me to shoot indoors and improve my lighting.  I’m looking forward to taking advantage of every chance I get. I’m also about to change to a more pleasing lighting technique. Stay tuned …


Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here! It’s been crazy and I’m glad for that since it means I’m working hard :) Studio shoots have been a whole different thing this year and I’ve definitely made some changes. I’m looking forward to learning new lighting techniques for more dramatic and technically stronger images. Hope you enjoy the new studio work. 



Yesterday was a rare pleasure as I got to shoot with Julia at a scenic location. Her stunning beauty and talent, her beautiful wardrobe and the gorgeous lighting made for a great shoot! I’m looking forward to completing these photos very soon and I think dance photos may become a passion of mine. 

unedited images


Summer’s here in full force and it has been amazing :) Shooting swim and street has been a real stretch of my skills and learning. But it has been awesome and I’m looking forward to continuing to collaborate with awesome people like Tessa, Sara, Anastasia, Sophia, Mandy, Britt and others. 

Editing and Retouching

It’s been great to have the opportunity to shoot so much in this beautiful city. But my shots don’t have the right impact without the proper editing and colour grading. So for that, Youtube has been a lifesaver! I’m practising, improving and comparing my stuff to the top shooters.

 I’m always wondering why my shots don’t pop the same way that better photographers’ shots do. I don’t want to copy them but I want that high, quality natural look. So I’m upping my data plan and grabbing my Wacom touch pen and I’m going to keep learning :)