King West

The studio has a lot of advantages but I decided back in February to try out at a different indoor setting by using luxury suites for some lifestyle shoots and I’ve been impressed with the results. Big beautiful windows and spacious suites have allowed us to create some nice shots. Especially the latest shoots with Daria, Shelly, Mandy, Alexa, Natalie, Jowana, Tay, Mel, Jen and others have been beautiful! If the dry weather stays away I’ll keep this venue in mind for future shoots. 

Spring :)

I had the pleasure of shooting with up and coming model, Isabella at Rosedale recently and we got some beautiful shots. The day was looking pretty horrible and wet at first, but then the clouds gave way to beautiful soft light. Her makeup and outfits were on point and what you see on the homepage and in the ‘Rosedale’ gallery is the result. I’m looking forward to more freedom from the indoors! 

Fitness Shoot

It was cool to have my first proper fitness shoot, at least as close to it as I’ve come :) Thanks to Brittany C and Gia for their skills. I look forward to working with them again soon on another fitness shoot with a 3 light setup, should be fun. I love how Brittany’s always smiling plus she’s a natural model and Gia’s energy and ideas are amazing! 

More New Faces

It’s great to collaborate with new people and I’m lucky to have worked with some amazing talent :) Thanks to Daria Sells for often being available to help with makeup and thank you to my new friends, Elizaveta, Oleksandra, Anastasia, Mel, Jen, AshleyH and .. I know I’m forgetting someone! I’m looking forward to a great year full of beauty and creativity :)

unedited photos above

the grind ..

It’s been awesome and exhausting meeting new faces, shooting as much as I can and growing my skills. Collaborating with great talent doesn’t hurt the post processing either :) I’ve been lucky to work with Katie Ballantyne makeup as she did an amazing job on Anastasia K. It was also a special treat to have Daria Sells perform her makeup magic on my latest shoot with Fiona Lambie. Lots of love to everyone who has helped grow my brand :)  Lots more to come!